Stoneward Castle

Castle and Town Population: ~5,000 Government: Baron Severn Highwarden Defenses: Stoneward Castle

Stoneward Castle is a town and castle-complex that watches over the southern trade route between the South Hamlets and Goldhook. The castle is a holdover from the days of small kingdoms when the Avarine lands were inter-knit with tiny valley sized principalities. It is a huge rambling structure that stands atop a rocky hill. It is much larger than most castles in the region, having a bailey the size of a small town (with a town’s worth of inhabitants within).

Below the rocky hill stands the town of Stoneward, which houses a small clan of green dwarves as well as a number of farmers and dependents who work for the baron. The town itself has a crumbling old stone wall around its circumference that hasn’t been repaired in nearly a hundred years; indeed, it has been mined for stone to be used on the townhouses. There are two inns within the town as well as a large market-square and three small temples: a temple of Haeron, a temple to Fortuna, and a temple to Avauna.

Additionally, Stoneward is the home of a elvish mage who resides in a tall tower outside of town and has done work for the baroness and her own ancestors in his time. He is simply called the Wizard of Shadow Tower by the locals, and none now can even remember his name.

The Highwarden family was installed by the Anarjenor Dukes immediately after the emperor Tamerin III gave them command over Stoneward. Recently, in the winter of 499, the old baroness Eleine Highwarden died. Her son and inheritor, the Baron Severn, does not share her strong support of the emperor and the Anarjenor Dukes. He has recently purged his people of imperial supporters.

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Stoneward Castle

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