Town Population: ~2,000 Government: Baron Aven Stonely Defenses: Stonely house knights

The town of Stonely lies in the foothills of the Whitespear Range that divides the Lonely Lands from Lomere. It is also at the far end of an old Milean aqueduct which, while no longer connected to a central cistern, still pours water down into a trench just outside of town. This water is taken by townsfolk and used for cooking and drinking; it is also diverted to the fields and gardens of the locals.

The town itself is sheltered from the surroundings in a small valley between the skirts of the hills. Its central feature is the large open-air temple of Eiri the Earthfather defined by three large stone pillars and a mosaic tiled floor that is open to the sky. The temple is maintained by a mannish priest named Haralt the fat. There are several dwarven families that live within the town, and all frequent the Earthfather’s temple in the town center.

There is a small inn on the northern road out of town maintained by an elf named Ellanora Liennë and built in the elvish style. It is known as the White Lamp.

It is rumored that somewhere in the Whitespear range there once stood a ringtown of a particularly wealthy iron dwarf clan known as the Tu∂orinn; if this is true, the ruins have never been found (though as one may read below, there is what appears to be a Tu∂orinn treasure vault in the mountains near where the aqueduct receives its water.)

The primary occupation of the people of Stonely is working on the Stonely quarry which lies southward towards the mountains and is overseen by the baron. The stone quarried there belongs to him, save for that which he owes the throne. The Stonelies have a defensible manor-house on a high hill overlooking the town.

The town aqueduct runs southwards into the mountains, ending in a small vale where a waterfall emerges from the raw stone cliff face. An old dwarvish treasure-house stands beyond a pool of water that feeds the aqueduct, its ancient doors having been wrenched off by orcish plots.

A few miles south of the town, nestled high in the first of the Whitespears, there stands an old orcish fortress. It was built in 392 during the orcish unification of that period and abandoned in 405 after the local barons destroyed the orcish tribal confederacy. It remains standing, a testament to the danger the mountain-orcs present.

Stonely commands many of the nearby towns and villages as part of the Barony of Stonely.

In X502, the wizard Aurelien the Apprentice along with his companions Jaquelinne le Fevre and Gregoire Willowbranch rescued a dwarf-thane of the Tuthorinn clan as well as much of the dwarven clan-treasure from the Speartooth orcs at Dauklen fortress.

Later that year, during the month of Festing, the town was attacked by bandits claiming descent from the dead Tuthorinn of Bauglr. The defense was given by the Lamplighters, beating them off and slaying their Usurper-Prince Sveinn Forkbeard. The Tuthorinn of Stonely have begun construction on a wall to surround the town as well as on a new clan-crypt to honor the dead.

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