Village Population: 3,000 Government: House Keldos Defenses: Mercenary guards, slave soldiers

“Peaceful as Steur,” is an expression that has come into Essadi parlance due to the pleasantness of the village’s many olive groves and the quietness of its perch upon a bluff overlooking the Thurian Road. The approach to the town is watched by a sturdy watchtower that belongs to the Keldos family. It’s attached to a gate that encloses the winding path up the bluff; the outermost buildings also make use of the outwall of the town, which winds all around the settlement save for the bluff face.

There are only two gates into the town: one faces the road, and another the olive groves. Most of the village belongs to direct dependents of House Keldos.

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Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius