Spellsingers of Harpjoy

“Sing a song of ancient days/ of legends lost/ of winding ways/ Sing the swords against the night/ Sing the spells that bind the light.”

Song of Swords, Spellsinger’s College of Iiriem

Spellsinger of Harpjoy

The Spellsingers are a northern bard’s college that grew up in the elf-kingdom of Iiriem, known as Harpjoy in Varan. They are a strain of epic poets that have mastered the same styles and developed a unique way of playing various instruments that marks them out as members of the same college. Most of their number are Iiriem elves, though they have a few humans among their number. Their focus is on epic poetry and long-form songs makes them less well-loved by the common folk but a good match for high-class patronage.

That having been said, some of the most famous and best known epics (that many a farmer’s son or a merchant’s boy grows up on) were written by Spellsingers from Harpjoy.

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Spellsingers of Harpjoy

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