Orcish Tribe, Whitespear Range

The Speartooth tribe was until recently (winter, X.501) led by the orcish chief Moag Speartooth and his accomplice Aloath the Bloody-Handed. Classically the Speartooths have been one of the weaker and smaller tribes of the Whitespears, a fact which has only been reiterated by their recent history.

In the early winter of X.501 the tribe came upon an open vault of dwarvish treasures from which they plundered a good deal of gold and dwarven artifacts. These were spent willy-nilly to improve the standing of the tribe. Indeed, they attempted to capture and hold the old Dauklen Fortress for the purposes of starting up a new power-base in the region.

However, their theft provoked the dwarves of Stonely (the Tu∂orinn Clan) to attempt to wrest their treasures back. When this failed, the local baron Aven Stonely hired the Lamplighter Company to rescue both the dwarves and the gold. In the act of doing so, the Lamplighters stormed Dauklen Fortress, slew Moag and Aloath, and decimated the tribal numbers.

Currently, the Speartooths have been whittled down to a core group of warriors who have abandoned Dauklen and roam the Whitespears looking for plunder.

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