Town Population: 400 Governance: Baron Aldo vel Sudval Defenses: pikewall, Local militia

Southfork sits at the head of the Claw-water river as it spills from the Brandgelts. It is a small town that serves as the seat of the Southvale Barony where Baron Aldo vel Sudval’s manor house stands. It is a small town that is none-the-less bustling during most of the year due to the caravans that come to and from Deepmine.

The town is blessed with a minor temple of the Haeron and a shrine to the earthfather within. There is but a single inn and tavern in Southfork, the Roasted Pike which sits on the riverfront and has a dock all its own where travelers can come straight up from the sea if they so desire.

There is little river traffic on the Claw-water from lower down, but a small enclave of blue dwarves serves as river-wardens and sometimes assists the Iron dwarves of Deepmine to ship their supplies down to the Arinnfal instead of overland through Claulan. Recently, due to the attacks in the passes, more and more dwarven caravans have unloaded their goods at Southfork and sent them down to the sea.

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