Smokeleaf is a halfling invention, said to have been grown in the Dawn Ages in the Greensward and cultivated there for its anxiety relieving properties. Most halfling villages have at least a small Smokeleaf patch, and take great pride in their own local varieties of smokeleaf. However that may be, the other races took to growing smokeleaf sometime in the Third or Fourth Age, and have spawned it into a thousand strains for their own pleasure. In general, halflings prefer a lighter flavor smokeleaf than the other races (a taste they share with gnomes) while dwarves and men a more robust leaf, and elves one that is more flowery and tends closer to incense.

Smokeleaf has few known healing properties, though one that has been observed is the lessening of bleeding while smokeleaf fumes are consumed, leading many battle-cleric tents to be filled with the smoke to give the clerics more time to tend to the injured before they bleed to death.


There is only one smokeleaf grown in Claulan proper and this is the tenacious (and somewhat weedy) Tobin’s Sour, cultivated at high altitudes. Note that Claulan also trades with the Arinfall and Weyland for better leaf, generally disdaining their own.


Though the wandering giants make Umbrinol a very dangerous region, halflings often brave the Umbrinol lowlands in order to farm the Umberleaf smokeleaf which grows like wildfire there.

The Vales

Only one smokeleaf plant can truly take root in the soil of the Vales, and this is Harvest Brown, which is a darker leaf more suited to dwarven or mannish tastes. This has led the halflings of the Vales to import a good deal of smokeleaf from further south. The main supplement to Harvest Brown in the Vales is Umberleaf, grown by halfling settlements in the open fields of Umbrinol.



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