This forest sits across the backside of the Bracstones, nestled up in the comfortable crook at the top of Downing Vale. It is inhabited primarily by gnomes who have developed a reputation as tricksters and thieves. These are the Gnomes of the Smalwood as they are often called, and all throughout the Vales it is common to blame them for lost or missing items (even if it couldn’t possibly have been them).

The Smalwood is a fairly hospitable place with less dangers than the long stretches of Blackwood and less magical wards and interferences than the guarded and eye-filled woods of Iiriem. The Redhorne Road runs through Smalwood, and many caravans choose that route in order to stop along the southern rivers on their way from Northvale to Michelstadt.

There is only one major settlement on the road in the Smalwood–the other gnomish towns can only be found through the trackless wilderness and most of those are known ONLY to Smalwood gnomes. The town that caravaneers stop at is called Ketelstun, and is located on a crook in the Redhorne road.

Ketelstun, like all congregations of the Smalwood Gnomes, boasts a huge number of tents and very few permanent structures. It is generally accepted fact that the gnomes of Smalwood move around a great deal during the year, setting up their tent-homes in different regions of the forest. For more information on this interesting strain of gnomish society, see gnomes.

Things to see and do in Ketelstun

The two structures that Ketelstun boasts are a temple to Quilian Knowais (built in the dwarvish style with filigreed bare stone and a few gems set as ornamentation) which is watched over by the cleric Tomeis Bookfellow. The other is an inn and stableyard for Red Branch caravans which do a little selling in Ketelstun on their way to Michelstadt.

Other Locales

There is a small tribe of wood elves who live at the foot of Bracstone Height that call themselves the Drysfulc, and are one of the more xenophobic elvish tribes of the northlands, killing outsiders without provocation.

Adventuring Sites and Ruins

Soturi’s Stronghold

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