“The Ishtrians speak of a place where wizards of Miles settled together and eschewed the laws and regulations of their brothers. These mages raised a phantasmal land and ruled it for three generations before their pride got the better of them. The Ishtrians whisper of a cursed place, where the First Men suffered war at the hands of the wizards, and their island vanished from this plane…”

Legends of Ishtrian Magic, Solon Everwind, X251


Sintara is an Ishtrian legend, a place of horror and of wonder. According to the Ishtrian sources, it was settled by Mileans sometime during the middle or end of the Third Age. Some legends insist that the Ishtrian ancestor-peoples (the tribes that were united into Ishtria during the Eighth Age) also sent wizards of great power to live in this mythical colony. The geographic location was an island off the Ishtrian coasts. The legend makes it an oasis-paradise for the first generation of mages that lived there.

But, the utopia could not last. By the time the mages’ children were growing up, malcontent had formed. There were those who did not like the way the island was run, and others who simply had grudges or debts against the other wizards. Hate festered. A war broke out, as it often does when wizards are involved. By the third generation of settlers, the island was swamped with magical horror. Creatures called up from beyond the Astral Veil unleashed madness and terror; the island quickly turned from a paradise into a mirror of the worst of the hells.

And then, at last, the whole place vanished. The interpretations of the story vary, but the most common one supposes that the entire island was dragged into the Border Ethereal by some powerful magic gone awry. If Sintara was ever real, it is certain to be a repository of information about the First Empire unrivaled by any other source in the entire world, preserved by millenia of drifting in the Ethereal Sea.

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