“Also called elf-silver, sindabras is a special alloy of silver. Like the many secrets of dwarven craft, this is an elvish secret. Every elvish kingdom boasts a small handful of smiths capable of creating this alloy. Some say that elf-silver shines more in the light, and others that it has a whiter quality to its metal. There are scholars who theorize that the process must trap light from the moon and stars within the alloy.

“Either way, all elf-silver radiates magic. The most common uses for it are in weapons or rings, though fittings for gemstones and even entire suits of armor could be made from sindabras. Elves are reluctant to grant sindabras to anyone other than elves, but such gifts have been made in the past. Smiths will never sell unworked sindabras, however, and attempting to melt down a sindabrian object will result in the ruination of not only the silver but also the smelter used to work it, as the metal separates and some bright-glowing element of it quickly burns through even the thickest metals.”

-The Kyklosi Antikor

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Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius