Signe of Vaela

Inn and tavern

The Signe serves as a place for people to come and stay for market in Troive every month when the marketing day (the central Haeros of each month) occurs. It is a very large inn of red brick with a small front and large side-yard for stabling beasts and wagons.

It’s ground floor is divided equally into several private dining rooms, a large common tap room, and a kitchen. The taproom has a small raised platform against the left wall for performers (who are a regular feature at the Signe), a bar in the back-left corner, and a stairway that is just a frame in the back-right.


Common Room: 2 shields

Private Room: 1 tower

Fancy Room: 2 towers

Stabling Fees

Each mount: 2 shields

Each wagon: 5 shields

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Signe of Vaela

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