Greater Goddess Alignment: TN Portfolio: Nature, the moon, agriculture Dogma: That which grows is good, and must be kept safe by the balance Epithets: the Green Mother, the Lady of Balance, Moonmaker

Associated with Eleia of the pantheon of men, Senia is much different than the carefree aspect of Eleia. She is the consort of Aloran, and her clerics are beholden to the things which live and grow in the world. She takes no sides, or rather takes all sides. That which endangers the growth of all green things in the world is her purview.

The wind elves worship her, though not as often as they worship the other gods of their pantheon. However, her worship is undertaken by almost every wood elf tribe in the north. They build her no temples, but rather small shrines of overgrown stone in lonely wooded places. While this is true in the woods, Wind Elves build her elaborate temples, with silver tracey. Much art and poetry is devoted to her, and it is said that the Silver Road is under her protection.

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