Governed by Duke Theolus Amvor, Seareach is lodged between the White Range the Noranian Range and the sea. The Merchant’s League of Seareach (which includes representatives of all the major Trade Sea guilds) is a powerful influence here. It is also a stronghold of anti-royalist sentiment; the Amvor’s have a long history of rebellion and disagreement with whoever sits upon the Crimson Throne of Miles for reasons many and varied. Seareach is almost like a separate kingdom – whereas in the rest of Thyrnesse the most popular and respected religion is that of the Hierean Temple, in Seareach the priests of Fortuna hold sway.

Seareach has three major cities, known as the Three Jewels. These are Mavor, Feinon, and Calaver. Each of them are port-cities, and Calavres is the seat of the Amvor family. These three ports are the lifeblood of oversea trade in all of Thyrnesse, and as much as various kings have sought to reduce the influence and power of the Dukes of Seareach, they have never succeeded in dislodging the long-lived House of Amvor.

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