Lesser God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Weaving, fate, time Dogma: Your actions have already been planned out in the tapestry of time Epithets: the Weaver, the Inevitable, the Crippled

The Crippled God cannot leave his sanctuary within the heavenly realm of Valingas. Since it is said to be a journey requiring great effort, even of the Gods, few visit him. In seclusion he weaves the tapestry of time which depicts by means of colored thread the lives of everyone and everything on Arunë and all historical events that have or will come to pass.

He has no desire to garner the worship of men; the Aeliö themselves support him, as without his presence the very fabric of time would unravel. Thus, he has no temples and no clergy. However, there are still those who worship him as the master of Fate and time.

It is believed by many that Sarnon is the husband (or possibly brother?) of Fortuna.

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