Saga of Illuminations

Kandar of Creation; K:1

Fire burns, water drowns,

air storms, stone endures.

Elves sing, men build,

gnomes work, dwarves endure.

The Earthfather made us of iron and stone.

Eiri woke Baldr in darkness.

Eiri woke Ivaldr in darkness.

Eiri woke Dalnr in darkness.

The Stonemother gave us Helgr,

the Stonemother gave us Olgr,

and Ingrid too she gave us.

Kandar of the Ancestors K:2

Those before us dwell in earth,

and see through stone.

Their memories must be honored,

and their ancientness honored also.

Sing of sorrows and those who died,

for the Songs will recall their glory.

Kandar of Knowing K:3

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Saga of Illuminations

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius