Town Population: 1,500 Governance: Baron Haerus Rushlight

The town of Rushlight sits at the edge of the Rushwater Marsh and serves as the center of the Barony of Rushwater. It’s populous is disproportionately composed of forest gnomes and halflings that ply the swamp for sustenance.

Rushlight is a closely knit community; it is also surprisingly safe for the Lonely Lands, protected from the depredations of the gnolls by distance and the raids of goblins by the presence of the swamp. The town is a cozy place; a low hedge wall surrounds the side which does not face the waters and separates the town proper from the farms amongst the willows without. The water-ward side has an even lower stone wall running along a shallow embankment that keeps the town from the swamp.

Baron Rushlight lives amongst his folk, on Rushlight Hill a bit north of the center of town. Baron Haerus is a fat jolly fellow who generally avoids conflict and sees great opportunity in merchant ventures (unlike most Thyrnessan nobles).

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