Size: ~400 Government: Mayorality Local Militia: Extremely small, 10 men called in times of need

General Information. The town of Rushing is a pleasant lakeside village through which much trade from Northmount Abbey runs. Indeed, the Stadtway that runs through Blackwood is the major method of transport between Michelstadt and the far-flung Northvale and Downing Vale. The inhabitants of Rushing divide their time between fishing and hosting merchant caravans.

The town is located on the northern side of Lake Tychon with many queues built out onto the water. The bulk of the town, however, lies on the muddy shoreline. Old Teral-make embankments prevent the town from flooding and give it a somewhat more dignified appearance. The inhabitants are primarily men, though there are a few dwarves, at least a family of halflings, and a wood elf or two.

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