Lesser God Alignment: LE Portfolio: Money, corruption Dogma: That which is yours is yours by right Epithets: the Minter

One of the three Shadow Gods, Runeiä represents an undercurrent of corruption and greed that exists within elvish society. Those who worship the Shadow Gods do so quietly, generally not advertising their religious allegiance. While they are almost universally spoken out against, faith in the Three is not illegal in any elvish state and Runeiä is generally considered to be the least offensive of the Three, being more inclined to get along with the other gods and not to infringe upon their portfolios or encourage his followers to burn down forests or destroy cities.

Runeiä the Minter is credited with inventing elvish currency in order to keep some elves high-status and others low. To him is also sometimes given the credit of inventing nobility itself. Either way, Runeiä often appears as an elf dressed in finery with leaves of silver and gold threaded through his hair.

Runeiä’s worship is often private, and his cult communicates through secret signs, symbols, and messages written in careful code. His altars are generally to be found only in the homes of members (or secret clerics) of the cult and worship is generally done in small groups within the privacy of a home.

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