A Forest Giant

Rootwood Forest is the ancestral home of the Forest Giants who rival the Cloud Giants in gravity and age. There are only two cities within the huge borders of Rootwood and few orchards that the Giants tend. They have a long-standing feud with the Stone Giants of Umbrinol and are also quite wary of the dwarves of Haugrund.

They trust few in these later days, though druids may come and go as they please in the realm of the Forest Giants and indeed often hold their moots and meetings within the Rootwood. Adventurers are strongly disliked and discouraged, as are merchants of all kinds. The Forest Giants have no need to trade with the outside world and, having been hurt in war before (most particularly by the elves during the Rot Wars of the Sixth Age) they wish to have as little to do as possible with other races. It is rumored that the elves learned how to create their wardstones from Forest Giant magic, since the Rootwood Forest itself responds to their wishes and may direct travelers away from their settlements.

Worse, however, are the incursions of the Umbrinol giants. These have been devastating to the forest giants, as the enmity between the two peoples goes back to before the coming of Men. The forest giants prosper and the giants of Umbrinol live in the ruins of their old civilization; it is inevitable that they should envy their greater and still-successful cousins.

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