Rockstone is a mixed-race settlement governed by the dwarven Ironhelm clan. There was once a count of Rockstone who was responsible for the mines there (silver and nickle) during the imperial period but power has since devolved to the dwarven clan that make their residence there. For this reason, Rockstone has transformed over the years into something resembling an iron dwarf ringtown with a high outwall and many stone buildings behind it.

However, unlike most ringtowns, there are human, halfling, gnomes, and even an elvish settlement inside. Humans still make up the majority of the towns population, but they have begun to live in dwarf-style buildings and to adopt dwarven-sounding names.

The one small wind elf family that lives in Rockstone is that of Valistyn the Smith, an elf-smith of no little skill who is admired even by the dwarves of the town. Valistyn keeps a large shrine to CalĂ«ron (Haeron) just outside his shop, which is fashioned in a curious fusion of dwarvish and elvish styles – a heavy stone building in the semi-pyramidal outline of dwarvish construction with elven detail working, intricate delicate tracery and floralform carvings adorning the eaves.

The clan prince of the dwarves is Thargr Snorrisson Aldrinn Ironhelm, who is a younger dwarf with none of the traditional conservatism of the iron dwarven people.

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