Roadway Castle

Castle and Town Population: Around 800 Defenses: Keep, knights, curtain wall

Roadway Castle, the seat of the Counts of Roadway, commands the highway leading out of Claulan to the south and northwards to the heart of the country, to Alval. It overlooks the road and a toll-station that graces the wild hills beyond. It is positioned clinging to a rocky precipice and it has three great barrel-shaped towers from which it is possible to see many miles in every direction.

Roadway has two great walls; a bailey wall and a curtain wall which protects the town. Life in Roadway-town is pleasant enough, and it serves as the center for trade and marketing in Roadway County. Several small villages dot the folds of the forested hills around Roadway, each supplying the castle with the goods it needs to continue functioning.

There is a single small Hierean temple in the bailey, attended by a single old cleric from Alval named Hansulle of non-noble lineage.

The Edelways, the Counts of Roadway, are charged with keeping the roads and paths open and making certain that travelers can get through to Alval and to the Arinnfal, and to this end they have a large retainer of knights and knight-captains to scour the hills. However, trouble around Alval has driven more and more monstrous folk southwards in the mountains, nearly overwhelming Roadway’s power.

Roadway Town

The town has several important amenities; amongst these are the weekly markets of Roadway County, a pair of alehouses who’s brew is supplied by the local alewives, a smithy and a tannery, and a single inn that overlooks the little marketplace.

The inn alone has a name, known as Vaela’s Journey, and it is run by a former black-brother of the Mendicant Order.


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Roadway Castle

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