The Rivervale is a lowland that lies between the Amur and the Saltshield Mountains. An ancient elvish road stretches from the Princedoms all the way to Tberin where it gives out near the Crookland. It was once part of Tailimisä, when the ancient elvish kingdom was coterminous with the now-vanished land of Yer’is. It is dotted with elven ruins, which themselves have overtopped gigantine ruins in some places.

There are no great overlords in the Rivervale; towns stick together in small baronies or loose federations (the Issan League being the most powerful of these) but generally eschew larger formations. Violence is common between them, but often with few casualties.

The greatest danger to the lowland Riverfolk comes from Dragonsmoor and Elnuril. In this regions, the great armies of the dragons are bred and raised. They occasionally raid over the rivers to cause havoc amongst the settlers there as well as to strike the Princedoms and into Tailimisiä. Rumors claim that the dragons will not allow the people of the Rivervale to band together for fear of their power.

Another danger to the Riverfolk are the people of the Aideon and the seaboard kingdom of Mireland.

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