Town Population: 2,000 Defenses: Sheriff, Deputies

Riverton is a town at the junction of two small brooks. These are the Hartwell which runs northwest to southeast and the Lonwell which runs northeast to southwest, both joining at Riverton and continuing on to spill into the Arwater. The town itself stands on the fork between the two brooks, occupying an arrow-shaped space on the center bank. Eastern and Western bridges ford the water, and the various paths that lead off from Riverton first encircle the town in what is known as the Riverton Track.

The town maintains a wall of pikes surrounding its limits due to its extended position out on the border of the Lonely Lands. It boasts a single large inn (founded by the same edict that created the the Cracked Crock) known as the Riverton Tower. The inn doubles as a watchtower from which the borders of the Lonely Lands can be vigilantly inspected.

Tower Square stands directly before the Riverton Tower and is a paved courtyard in which markets take place twice weekly from the surrounding towns. Tradesmen and farmers from Lonling, Highwall, Lanton, Vergely, Greenhill, Bracken, Midbrook, and sometimes as far as Sennon Hollow, Oakbarton, or Hilling come to Riverton during these occasions. The marketing days are Wednesday and Sunday of each week.

There are three taverns and a number of locals brew their own ales and open pothouses in their homes when the brewing is done. The constantly run taverns are the White Harness, the Riverton Tower’s own tavern, and the Juggler. The White Harness is near the northern part of the town, against the outer wall. The Juggler is located on Mason Street near the southern portion of the town.

The town is governed by the Riverton Council which is composed of most of the town’s merchants and shop-keeps. The Council meets in the upper floors of Riverton Tower once a month to discuss business though it has been known to meet in emergency sessions if something has gone wrong or danger is approaching.

The chief Sheriff of Riverton was a halfling named Aldan Bramble; It was Bramble’s duty generally to make sure the town limits are safe and to prosecute minor offenses (such as breaking of pots or hurling of stones) within the town. His other major duty is to help coordinate the Barleywend festival every year. However, with Bramble’s death fighting gnolls in the north, the post has been determined to remain vacant for one year while new candidates are discussed.

Since Aldan Bramble’s death, the old sheriff’s house has been converted to a garden known as Aldan’s patch. The local masons have been commissioned to chisel a statue of his likeness to adorn it.

Outside the town walls, some ways down the river to the south, lies Arlon’s Tannery. It is run by Arlon Hidewell and its prices are usually somewhat less than what leatherworking generally costs in the rest of the Empire. Hidewell keeps a small queue behind his tannery to ship his goods downriver.

Mason street is home to the mason’s guild, which does all of the stonework for the surrounding towns (save Hilling) and is run by the clanless dwarf Alin Stoneson.

A medicus who trained at Tourons under a master physician named Jon Lemaine can be found on the tiny Willowbark Lane near the square. His prices are reasonable, and he keeps well-stocked with herbs.

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