River Keep


A huge fortification on the top of River Hill also known as the Riverwatch to locals, River Keep is the center of law and order in the river district; from the Harbormarket and Shipwright’s Gate to the Water Gate, all watchmen and knights defer to the River Warden at the Keep. The current River Warden is Ser Ector Crestley, a cantankerous old knight that keeps the peace on River Hill. He has many attendants and an entire squadron of knights of his own at his command.

These knights are called the River Watch (hence the name of the keep) and are headed up by a sub-commander named Ser Ganelon. Ser Ganelon keeps open quarters in a small outbuilding beside the unwalled bailey of the fort for all comers to arrive and discuss their business. Additionally, he is a frequent contact with adventuring companies that have work in the River District or those who have business in Aripa.

The keep itself is an impressive building with five great barrel-towers standing on the pinnacle of the hill. While it is surrounded by close-leaning warehouses, it does maintain a sizeable unwalled bailey in which the Riverwatch often drills. Its entire first floor is given over to supplies and serves as a massive granary and buttery for not only the keep but all of River Hill in a time of crisis. As such, the River Keep is often thought of as the symbol of the River District. The Riverwatch wears a five-towered keep on their tabard below a chevron of blue on a black field to denote that they are not members of the Imperial Watch but rather belong to the more run-down and rough and tumble Riverwatch guard.

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River Keep

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