Dwarven Ringtown Population: ~800 Clans: Alfinn

Riggsveir was founded by Rigg Alfinsson many centuries ago. The town has subsisted regardless of the local political tensions, mostly due to its isolation. Legend has it that Rigg himself was an oft angry and bloodthirsty dwarf who earned the Alfinn an evil name during his lifetime and for decades after his death. However, his children and immediate family were expelled from Riggsveir shortly after his interment; these dwarves fled to the Egelsmont range and founded the ringtown known as Firnal and took the clan-name Vaegrinn.

The important dwarves of Riggsveir can be boiled down to a short list indeed. These are:

The town is nestled in the hills known as Rigg’s Steps. It was built in a natural valley that was further leveled by dwarven handiwork to make a coin-flat surface where the fields could be grown. The excess earth was mounded in the center of the ring-town to form the tolhaug (folk-hill, or town center). It commands a view of a half-mile radius all around where the stone manors of the Alfinn stand amongst their fields. The tolhaug now appears to be almost completely natural save for the stone-embanked peak where the thanes mansions, the prince’s mansion, and the sacred temple stand.

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