“I bring fire. I bring the sword. I visit vengeance on your household.”
The Scroll of Legends, Hierean Holy Text


Lesser Goddess Alignment: CE Portfolio: Vengeance Dogma: Destroy your foe even if you must destroy yourself. Right the wrong. Epithets: the Fleet, the Nemesis

Rhamna the Nemesis began her life as a spirit. She is not mentioned in any of the greater rolls of the Gods nor in any lesser texts. She may be associated with the dwarven god Mordrig or the elvish Raamas. Either way, during the Pillar Age she received her first sacrifices and from Mileans who wished to find vengeance against their kin.

The Nemesis has no temple. She is worshiped in dark groves at night by those seeking vengeance for some great ill. She has no regular worshipers, either, and her clergy are secretive hermits who live in the countryside, waiting for seekers to find them. They are called the Debtors, for vengeance is a debt that can never be paid. These hermits are often reviled, but no one will dare lay a hand upon them.

Ware those who invoke Rhamna, for the cycle of vengeance is never ending, and her prices are never worth what she offers! Or, so the clerics of Haeron would tell you. To speak true, there are those who have sought their vengeance and been sated, done their debt to Rhamna and paid the blood price: vengeance is a dark thing, but a thing much desired nonetheless.

(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Wisdom 9, Constitution 13
WEAPONS: Club, dagger, flail, mace, morning star, war hammer, short sword, sling, quarterstaff, whip
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Animal, Chaos, Combat, Elemental (fire), Summoning, War
MINOR SPHERES: Charm, Divination, Elemental (air), Healing (reversed), Protection (reversed)
MAGICAL ITEMS: Any clerical.
REQ. PROFS: Herbalism
BONUS PROFS: Survival (one region)

A Debtor has several powers that come with being one of Rhamna’s priests. The first, and most potent, of these original powers is a natural resistance to poison. Debtors always pass saves to avoid the effects of poison and take the lesser of the two exposures, regardless of circumstances.

A level 1 Debtor may also cause a corpse to issue forth blood to damn its killer; by chanting a special chant which they are taught by their masters, the corpse is prepared. If the murderer touches the body while the Debtor stands nearby (no more than 40’ away) chanting, the body will gush forth blood.

At level 3, a Debtor may Pass Without Trace at will, leaving no tracks whatsoever.

At level 5, a Debtor may become invisible as per the wizard spell Improved Invisibility once per day.

At level 7, a Debtor may engorge their weapon with fire once per day; this effectively transforms it into a flametongue weapon for a number of rounds equal to the Debtor’s level.

At level 10, the Debtor may will all exposed blood in a 30’ radius to burst into flame for a number of rounds equal to one fifth their level; anyone who comes in contact with it takes 2d4 points of damage. If anyone has open wounds, these also blaze to life and deal 2d4 points of damage for each wound. The fire is magical, but may also start other, mundane fires. The Debtor himself is not excluded from this effect.

At level 15, the Debtor’s blood itself acts as a powerful contact poison which can kill simply by being splashed with it. The blood loses its potency almost immediately, so it must come straight from his body.

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