Religion in Arunë

Religion in Arunë is a complex interwoven series of myths and legends. Myths are divided by geography and culture, some prevailing in certain areas while others are less important in those regions. For example, elves tend to place an emphasis on the stories of Anunë the Wind Lord (who is recognized by men as a God) and less on the mannish God Haeron the Hammerer. All peoples tend to recognize all other Gods (even those they don’t worship directly) as existing but the Gods on which they place prime importance is determined by culture, race, and location.

The following entries are taken from a generalized “majority” point of view; they do not usually make clear the various permutations of belief that inundate the lands of Arunë, but they give one a good place to get started. Individual regions will be updated and added as I get time from my prodigious works elsewhere. Reynarius is very full of himself and will probably NEVER get around to fleshing everything out. -ED

The Gods

Gods of Men

Gods of the Elves

Gods of the Dwarves

Gods of the Smallfolk

Other Gods

Temples and Clerics


Mannish Religion

Dwarven Religion

Halfling Religion

Wind Elf Religion

Wood Elf Religion

Refuser Elf Religion

Death Rituals


Religion in Arunë

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