Regions and Places

“And when men came, they taught to elves the secrets of the written word and the mysteries of sorcery, long known by the God-Kings of Zesh. With the dwarves they made ancient treaty, and so they swayed all the north; with the elves in the west and the dwarves in the east they put to fire and sword the ancient Trollish darkness.”

Understanding the First Men, Andronicus the Historian, 6th Age

The Valelands

Including the Vales, the Goblin Lands, Teral, Cathadria, Iiriem, and Umbrinol.

The Cloud Sea Coast

Including Dorlan, Pinehall, Thegnas, Agstowe, Cymballar, Essad, Fegonwé, Claulan, and Sidabrìnä.

The Sturm Coast

Including Vesimä, Haldera, Wilderlund, and Muldonor.

The Shores of Yer’is

Including Yer’is, the Aedion, Thalasson, and the Untamed Lands.

The Sun Shores

Including Valkaela, Kjellos, Theris, Ambar, Hurol, Voyoni, Craftman’s Reach, Tailimisä, Valkaela, Elnuril and the Searing Peaks.

The Midlands

The Third Empire, Frelonde, Byrne, the Byrnish Wastes, Oronë, Seagard, the Reaving Isles, Meirenia, Golnia, Rootwood, Opria, Haugrund, and Tùlarmë.

The Near South

* The Borderlands of Ralashar

The Trade Sea

* The Trident Isles

* The ancient Aellonean Islands

The Llyrian Shores

Includes Weyland, the Arinnfal, Dunwal, Stonemark, Llyris, Llynder, Anarea, Anweth, Bandorin, The Vergeland, Rake Hills, Kederia and the Free Cities.

The Far North

* Ruined Soloth

* Fallen Caruel

* The Skinchanger Kingdoms

* The Barrowlands

Far Places

* Khewedi

* Hadash

* The Burning Dream

* The Dominions of Ishtria

* Moon Kingdoms

* Far Mughar

* The jungles of Zesh

* The mysterious lands of Diaojiong

Legendary Places

* The lost island of Sintara

Deep Places

Including Black Delve, and Bâlmyr Caverns.

Major Waterways and Oceans


Regions and Places

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius