Up until around sixty years ago, Midvale was controlled by a warlord from an old Teralian family claiming hereditary right to governorship. The seat of this family was a barely serviceable Teralian fortress located in the outcropping called Redhorne. When the Order of the Sword Militant arrived in the Vales, they determined Redhorne to be the perfect place to base their operations from and drove out the petty warlord and his family. Since, they have rebuilt the castle at Redhorne into something fit for modern warfare.

This is the seat of the Order in the Vales, and they administer the people of Midvale just as the old Haradus family once did. The Order receives a tithe of goods and in return protects and governs the Midvale.

There are twenty three knights of the Order located at Rehorne, including Argus Urquehart and Amerius Augusten. There are a good number of men-at-arms as well as many Paiges Aspirant residing there as well, comprising a fairly fit fighting force of a total of around 500 men.

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