Red Branch

With it’s headquarters located in the town of Northmount Abbey, the Red Branch is a formal guild responsible for most of the mercantile activity that goes on between Weyland and the Vales. While not all merchants hire on to ride with Red Branch caravans, those that do are considerably safer due to the guilds large pool of resources.

The Red Branch is run by the kindly fat old merchant, Saremon Lann. He founded the Red Branch himself, and he insists on keeping a clean record. He has expelled members of his organization for transgressing the laws before. The Branch has been preyed on by other less scrupulous companies before. However, Saremon has developed a relationship with the Bluecloaks, and they have been more than happy to protect his caravans in exchange for lower prices when they need to purchase goods.

Adventurers of all shapes and sizes in the Vales can find a good job working for the Red Branch if they are willing to travel and aren’t expecting great pay.

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Red Branch

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