Intermediate God Alignment: LG Portfolio: Scholarship, knowledge, invention, writing Dogma: Preserve the past, understand the future Epithets: the Wise, the Far-seeing

Quill is a wise god, and the patron of learning and the written word. Many scholars worship him above all other gods, and indeed many belong to his cult. Temples to Quill are quite infrequently found. There are few small temples dedicated to him but several large ones; most of these double as libraries and research centers. Clerics of Quill have been known to pay large amounts of money from church coffers to purchase rare books to add to these collections.

While the worship of Quill is mostly confined to the scholar class, this is a privileged group; even elf-scholars and dwarf-scholars come to the halls of the Wise in order to do their research. Thus, Quill looms large in scholarly works and many histories (many books in general) start with an imprecation to the God of Knowledge to bless the effort.

Quill does not care about the transient lives of his worshipers. He would first preserve a document than a life, and his clerics generally follow that stricture–they would kill to protect their works.

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