Quilian Knowais

Intermediate God Alignment: LG Portfolio: Scholarship, knowledge, invention Dogma: Preserve the past, understand the future Epithets: the Wise, the Farseeing

Quilian Knowais is the gnomish incarnation of the god of knowledge known to men as Quill. Ancient gnomish tradition depicts him as an old man with a prodigious white beard who, in the dawn of time, was a frequent visitor to the Greensward and the gnomish settlements thereabouts. While the gnomes revere Leesha Roseheart, they also reserve a special place for the Wise in their worship.

Quilian’s clergy and dogma are something of an overwhelming cultural drive within gnomish society. Many gnomes believe study of philosophy and history is the highest good, an attitude they share with the Aellonians. Clerics of Quilian are reserved the highest positions within gnomish society, held up to high esteem as paragons.

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Quilian Knowais

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