Village Population: 500 Government: Local Alder Defense: Militia

The village of Progrende, like nearby Morlay and Bothby, falls somewhere between the influence of Northgate Citadel and the Fortress of the Hawk. It has no official status under either regime and thus is left alone or troubled by both in turn.

Progrende has a single meeting hall of wood in the center of town. Like the hall, most of its buildings are made of cut wood from Turboise, Fougillus, or the nearby stands of trees. The primary occupation of its people are as farmers, but they have some training in digging fortifications: to protect the town against bandits and goblins the northeastern side is guarded by a ditch and a stake wall.

There are no amenities in Progrende other than a blacksmith and a small Eleian temple which is little more than a shack near the town center.

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