Principality of Alonor

Elditorni region

The Principality of Alonor is governed from the capital of Elditorni, and it is one of the oldest settled sections of Vesimä. Its great cities (Elditorni, Atvessé, Etelvessé, and Eldanyr) are some of the oldest standing elvish settlements. Elditorni fought off the Wyrmish armies during the Elf-Dragon war, and serves as the seat of the Elisnethën Princes.

Lake Alonor sits at the heart of Alonor and is dominated by the mysterious and ancient isle of Sar-Oron. It was once a site of wizardry and one of the chief shipyards of Vesimä. In the Fifth Age, during the Reaver Wars, Refusers sailed up the river and burned the island of Sar-Oron. Since then, it has remained uninhabited save for the occasional Reaver settlements that sometimes take hold there. This has earned the island something of a holy dread from the elves of Vesimä.






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Principality of Alonor

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