Princely Demesne of Tyrma

Royal demesne

The city of Tyrma is the seat of the Towerborn king, Anundarien. Long before he took power it served as the chiefmost port of the elvish nation and was much favored by the Wavestrider kings who showered the Towerborn with gifts to make the three harbors there into a place worthy of song. The Free Fleet of the Forest mostly anchors in the Harbor of Stars at Tyrma.

The coasts are well cultivated surrounding the capitol, their high cliffs planted with farms and great estates. The Towerborn have a whole host of direct vassals (barons, as they would be called in Varan) known as Magnaa. These elves generally dwell in the countryside between the verge of the forest and the sea, serving as the Towerborn’s eyes and ears as well as providing food and repairs to the great Circle Road.

As the jewel of Silversong, Tyrma is jealously guarded from the Towerborn rivals through many means. A conclave of Green Wizards resides in the demesne and the Towerborn Palace hosts a staff of 125 blade dancers loyal only to their king.

Most of the other great houses have manors in the city or around its outskirts, and the constant ebb and flow of trade through the Tyrma harbors ensures that they have plenty of luxuries available.

The Free Captains are known, on the main, to support Anundarien the king over his detractors.


The ruined city of Silanoran

City of Tyrma


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Princely Demesne of Tyrma

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