City Population: 18,000 Government: Valleto Oredale “the Sailor”



Portomagno was founded centuries ago, before even the Protectorate of Dorlinum existed. Itw as a rival to the great city of Llunport which it has surpassed in almost every way. Indeed, the di Llun family maintains a large estate for its cadet representative Reynarius which is potentially the largest single complex in the entire city. The city truly rose to prominent after the construction of the Great Harbor or Great Port, which was begun by Magister Orlande Portas in X.329 and completed by his son Alavaer in X.372. Thus, it has dominated coastal trade in Dorlan for over one hundred years and has fast become the largest coastal city in the Protectorate.

It is infamous for its trade with lands like Soloth and Essad, allowing ships of any nation to tie up at its outer docks. The magistracy has since passed from the Portas to the Oredale family and, to complete the glories of the city the second Oredale Mage-Lord had the Octagon Tower constructed outside the main harbor, a symbol of their control over the city. The Octagon Tower was built upon a completely constructed island made from river-stone and mud shipped from the mouth of the Llun River. It now looms over the harbor, eight lanes of shallow steps surrounding its basalt base and twelve stories of hard limestone blocks rising up to the flat roof from which it is said the Mage-Lord may scry into any building of the city.

The city is L-shaped, and the harbor can be closed by the Magistrates loyal Portsmen, who are city officials that own docks at the extreme north and southern ends of the L. The Portsmen staff all major offices in the administration of the harbors including inspectors and harbormasters. They maintain a fleet of ships to patrol the harbor at all times.

In recent history, Portomagno has been the launching-point of several expeditions into the East; mercenary captains often stop at the Outer Docks in the summer in order to pick up soldiers, primarily Dorlish mages and mage-captains, and then ship off southwards towards the wars of the East.

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