Town Population: 3,800 Government: Baron Lyle Bridgewater

Pontus-au-Loin is a small town that resides on the far side of the bridge of the same name. The bridge, an ancient Milean structure, straddles the River Byre and was once an important chokehold for the forces of the Kingdom of Westreth when it warred with Avaria. For this reason, Farway Castle is not far on the other side of the Byre. An old Westrian fortress remains attached to the Pontus to this day, though it is in disuse and ill repair. It strides the river on an artificial island of stone, its two towers slowly sinking into the water. Most of its lower levels have been flooded, and a good deal of it has already been reclaimed by the river. It is not an adventuring-ruin, as it is too close to civilization for monster to inhabit, it has been thoroughly cleaned out of all its contents, and it is in such an advanced state of decay that merely entering it would risk further deterioration or collapse.

The town serviced the keep, long ago, but now serves as a waystation for merchants going to the Lonely Lands or the far side of the Byre in the shadow of the Whitespears. It is stationed with a garrison of Sword Militant men-at-arms and a Sword-Militant cleric leads them. There is some tension between them and the rightful lord of the town, Baron Lyle Bridgewater, who owes his fealty to the Sword first through the Count.

The town itself is comprised of the garrison, Lyle Bridgewater’s manor house on the banks of the Byre, and a busy center of townhouses. There are a fair number of shacks and sheds along the southern stretch of the Byre; these are primarily used by families that fish the river or sail downriver to Tourons and Vayennes to trade and bring supplies back up by the Byre to sell in Clayland. To this end, the market supports not only two inns, but an outpost of the Three Towers Trading Company as well.

Amenities. The larger of the two inns is the Fair Prince, which is directly in the center of the market along High Street where the road runs to the Pontus. The smaller, the Upended Bowl began its life as a public house only to become an inn competing with the Prince due to the large number of travelers that stop over in the town.

The town also holds a temple of Haeron within the walls of the garrison (see the Pontus-au-Loin Garrison), a shrine to Fortuna in the market, an unattended shrine to Heimir and Vaela within the Fair Prince, and an unroofed Eleian temple located out in the fields.

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