Pogrillius Tosscobble

Lesser God Alignment: CG Portfolio: Tricks, jokes, laughter, thievery Dogma: There’s nothing quite so wonderful as a joke and no joke as good as one at someone else’s expense Epithets: the Thief, the Tricky

Pogrillius Tosscobble was a living halfling in the late Eighth Age, after the defeat of Lumiä/Galos but before the coming of the Bleeding Plague. He fought in the War of Necromancy and openly opposed Tharos, the Necromancer, as a member of The Valelanders, an adventuring party from Eastwick. During that war, he had a love affair with the halfling goddess Leesha Roseheart and was elevated to the status of a demigod. Since then, his worship has taken off like a bolt of lightening.

Many halflings love Pog, as he is called, not only because they love tricks and clever jokes and puns but because he was a normal halfling just like them. The tales of Pog Tosscobble are many and varied, and those Tosscobbles who still live in the world today are revered and quite wealthy beneficiaries of his temple.

Jokes and stories are his primary loves, and as such many of his worshipers enjoy pulling a good practical joke (as long as no one gets TOO badly hurt, of course!) His clerics are a lighthearted lot and Pog is known for manipulating his worshipers into performing jokes of cosmic significance on the other gods.

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Pogrillius Tosscobble

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