Town Population: 700 Government: Sieur Orinne, beholden to Lord Stonely

Petracaes is a stonecrafting center where stone is often taken to be finished or cut. It is mostly inhabited by Tuðorinn dwarves who have been living there since before the sack of Bauglr.

Geographically, the town is in a low lying valley between the hills and is fed by a little stream (the Silverspur). It is mostly comprised of old dwarven manors that house several large families of Tuðorinn masons. There are about four hundred dwarves all told amongst the people, and another hundred and fifty forest gnomes who comprise a small group of hunters and trappers. The men of the town are evenly split between the tasks required to help the town function; there is blacksmith, a cooper, and a wagon-maker and mender.

There are so many hunters that the town has become known for them, and a lodge was opened a few years back a few miles up the valley, between Petracaes and Grenag’s Quarry. Hunters often use it to stop over for the night on long trips.

Petracaes proper has a small open green at its heart, and a townhouse where Sieur Orinne dwells. He collects rents on several of the dwarven manors in return for his service to the baron. There is nowhere to stay overnight insofar as formal lodgings, though the lodge is always left open.

As far as worship goes, there is a small shrine just outside the town which is dedicated to Eminea and is often served by druids of the Marshlight Circle.

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