Other Gods

Other Gods
Diety Race Align. Portfolio Holy Symbol Colors

The Dragons of Balance Dragons and Dragonkin NA Balance, Creation, Destruction Three serpents entwined Red, black, and gold

Alakh Orcs, kobolds NE Darkness, shadows, sneaking, murder A cloak of inky blackness Black

Ashad Orcs, kobolds CE Orcs, Slaughter, Pillage A screaming horned orc head Green, black

Bandash Ogres, kobolds, goblinkin LE Mastery, lordship, cunning An obsidian-bladed axe Red and gold

Ezishaya Gnolls, goblins, orcs CE Fertility, growth, death, decay A red-leafed bush Green, red, and brown

Fyrash Gnolls, goblins, evil elves CE Disease, fire A pestilent skull Green, and black

Kipzelos Goblins, kobolds, goblinkin, trolls, ogres LE Corruption, decay A black hand Gray, green, black

Toynash Goblins, kobolds, goblinkin LE Rulership, mud, rivers, rains A black skull wearing a bent crown Brown, red, gold

Mother NightTrolls, the insane, goblins, orcs CE Darkness, shadows, death, endings, night None Black

Unazh Ogres and Orcs NE Gold, Greed A plate-sized gold coin Gold and red

The Dragons of Balance

There are few now who worship the Balance Dragons, or indeed even remember them. The Wyrms thought of them as the head of their pantheon back when they shared the world beneath the starless sky with the Trolls and Giants. In the modern day and age, their worshippers are occulted in hidden places and secret temples.

There are three Dragons of Balance – one for the creative and motive energy (Golden), one for the destructive terminal energy (Black), and one who keeps them both in balance (?).

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Other Gods

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