The “primary” or most influential language of the dwarves, most widespread amongst that race. Orthr is used by the dwarves of Hammer Gully, and as at least a secondary language by most other dwarven settlements. This is the language officially referred to when one speaks of “dwarvish.”

Runic Alphabet

Conjugating Orthic Verbs

Present System (encompasses present and irregular systems)

Irregular verb form: to be

root: ta vera, erud

Person Form Person Form
1st Singular em 1st Plural erum
2nd Singular ert 2nd Plural eru∂
3rd Singular er 3rd Plural eru

Other verbs

root: ta vega, veg — to kill

Person Form Person Form
1st Singular veg 1st Plural vegum
2nd Singular vegr 2nd Plural vegi∂
3rd Singular vegr 3rd Plural vega

Past System

In the past system the second principle part is used as a root but the vowel shifts. (To be added later)


Nouns in Orthr decline, but articles are not optional and must still be used. We will use the sample noun, harmr (harm-a- being the stem) (sorrow) in this excersize.

Case Number Form
Nominative Singular stem -a +r (harmr)
Accusative Singular stem -a (harm)
Genitive Singular stem -a +s/r (harms)
Dative Singular stem -a +i (harmi)
Nominative Plural stem +r (harmar)
Accusative Plural stem (harma)
Genitive Plural stem -a +a (harma)
Dative Plural stem vowel shift down, -a +um (hormum)


The most common Orthr article is the definite article +inn (the). This is usually post positive. Thus, Heimrinn (the home).

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