The island-theocracy of Oronë is a cloistered land. Outsiders are rarely allowed to pass into its mysterious sanctuaries. Hundreds of wizards gather in Tourons for the mere hope that they will be selected to be taken into its ancient libraries. Elves from those isles have silvery skin, coppery eyes, and hair like spun gold. They are a soft-spoken people – even when angry they rarely raise their voices.

Their magical prowess knows no equal throughout the North. It is said that they have preserved the ancient Maidic language in complete perfection, not altering a single syllable or consonant, and lending their spells great potency.

For all that, the Silver Elves (as they are often called) are aloof and frequently come off as arrogant. They disdain contact with other “lesser” peoples, particularly humans, who took part in the Necromancer’s War and helped to despoil (or try to, at least) their ancient sanctuary.

Template: No bonus to surprise. No sword or bow bonus. Cast spells at +1 spell level. Gain +1 Intelligence rather than +1 Dex. -1 Chr in addition to -1 Con.

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