An elvish stronghold located in the Inner Sea, Oronye has a history of standing up to the forces of change that beset it in the outside world. It’s earliest mention in the Chronicles of the War of Necromancy states that it ”...stood up against the hordes of the Necromancer and repelled them. Amongst the nations of the North, it was one of the only to stand without faltering.” In that war, the elves of Oronye destroyed a Black Titan, one of the horrible re-animated giants that served as massive shock-forces in the Necromancer’s army. Tall as the Pillar of Miles, the Titan still remains in the shallow harbor of Oronye’s main island, it’s bleached bones and vast rusted armor serving as both a beacon for sailors and a warning to those who would underestimate the elves of the isles.

The elves of the island nation are one of the oldest strains of their race, and as such have a silverish metallic sheen to their dusky skin. It is said that elves were fashioned from a brooch by Anunye the Wind Lord in the Second Age, after the first defeat of Lumiya, thus accounting for this strange skin tone. However, amongst all the elves of the known world, only the Oronyeneiya have this particular trait. The rest, while having skin more or less suited to the climes in which they live, lack the metallic sheen that makes the Oronyeneiya unique amongst their people.

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