Secular Organizations

The Grand Conclave

The Spellsingers of Harpjoy

The Hand of Shadows

The Knights of Miles

The Knights of the Hawk

The Banner of the Glittering Gem

The Order of the Black Griffin

The Orders of Kingsgrove

The Orvean Academy

The College of Wizardry

The White Staves

The Revivers

Elvish Mercantile Guilds

Mercenary Organizations

The Ashblades

The Swords of Night

The Long Knives

The Horned Heralds

The Bluecloaks

The Purple Feather

The Company of the Flaming Standard

The Dragonclaw Company

Mercantile Organizations

The Afasen College

The Green Shield Knights

The Guild of the Open Palm

The Ivory Coin Traders

The Mountain Smiths

Pandars Procurements

The Red Branch Trading Company

The Seagard House of Trade

The Silver Tree

The Shoremark Guild of Merchants

Supplies for all Seasons

The Three Crowns Trading Coster

Religious Organizations

The Order of the Sword Militant

The Knights Mendicant

The Order of the Forge Divine

The Sacred Knights of the Rose

The Sacred Heralds

The Brotherhood of Heimir

The Hammer of Byrne

Fortuna’s Wheel

Adventuring Companies

Medea’s Maulers

The Blazing Blade

The Bone Vale Buglers

The Carrion Crew

The Companions of the Quill

The Company of the Shield

The Company of the Silver Sword

The Freebooters

The Hand of Vale

The Steel Fists

The Silencers

The Tombcrackers

Throlfsson’s Crushers

The Ironbreakers

Mystic Cabals and Circles

The Scarlet Wizards

The Green Wizards of Silversong

Druidic Circles

The Marshlight Circle



Abridged History of the 10th Age Vortor