Order of the Sword Militant

“By sword and shield, by rod and bond, do you swear to uphold the oaths of the Order, to fight only when the cause is just, and to accept the terms of the contracts agreed upon by you and your superiors?”

“In this life, and the next.”

“Kneel, and be known a Paige Devout of Halor, a Paladin of the Order, and an aspirant on the path of the Sword Militant. May you remember the sting of your duty, and the sweet taste of justice.”

Codex Devout, Order of the Sword Militant Holy Book, 7th Age

The Order of the Sword-Militant is an organization devoted to the service of Halor, the Watcher and Tactician. The core of the order is comprised of devoted Paladins who serve their chapters with absolute loyalty. Noble blood is required to join the order, which can be waived if an applicant undergoes a grueling set of trials or has been knighted before in any land the Order recognizes.

The Sword-Militant is a trans-national force with strongholds scattered throughout the northern world. They hire themselves out on commission to fight in “good” wars on the sides that they deem are “right.” While this may seem somewhat mercenary, the fees collected are mostly used to support the fortresses and individual members of the Order (in addition to any peasantry each Chapter-stronghold may control as well as the collection of men-at-arms).

The symbol of the Order is a sword with its point facing downwards surmounted by the rod of captaincy running perpendicular to the blade. The Order favors the silver and blue colors of Halor, though often uses gray to replace the silver.

The chief stronghold of the Order is located in Clayland in the Third Empire and the Order at large is administered by the Grand Master Jaque Sarjent.

Ranks within the Order:

  • Paige Aspirant
  • Paige Devout
  • Knight Aspirant
  • Knight Devout
  • Knight-Sergeant
  • Sword-Captain

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Order of the Sword Militant

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