On Goblinkind



This book presents the compiled knowledge of my long studies of our people. I hereby grant it as a gift to the Adonin of Armon Sa’rav, Belkolan of the family Einin, for all the monies he has given in support of this project. It catalogs the tribulations of all goblinkin, from the earliest days as slaves of the Trolls to the very modern age when the Ogre Vagrysj the Lion has rendered the southern states tributaries of his ever-broadening empire. So here, then, is an account of all goblin-kin from the lowliest Lesser Goblins of the West to the greatest of the Goblin-Adonin of the East.

-Lam’ad of Lagora

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History of the Goblinkin

The mannish word for the later gods is Felnuman which means the Gods of the Mud. These are the gods which we know as the Arakh’eyl, The Great Makers. It is said in the earliest scriptures of the Toynashi faiths that Toynash himself was the first of the Arakh’eyl and he breathed life into lifeless river mud and made the Goblins and the Hobgoblins. We, being the earliest of the Arakh’eyl’s forays, were of course the mightiest. But there were other creatures of elder age than us still. We were given life in the Northlands beneath the horrors of Mother Night; some of us were taken by the Ogres who were the spawn of Frost Giants, and some of us were taken by the Trolls. We smithed for Fire Giants and fought for Trollish masters throughout those dark days. But then at last, when the Fortress of Galos was overthrown in the north, we made good.

For in that early age of the world we rose up against the Trollish masters and the Gigantine fiends who kept us and we threw off their shackles and chased them out of the Northlands. We struck the Giants while they warred with dwarves; we struck the Trolls while they warred with elves. And when the time came, we too left, driving the Trolls and Ogres before us. We crossed the Straights of the Moon and entered the Moon Lands with Toynash as our guide.

Of course, there were those who were left behind, who had grown attached to the lands in which they were born and fashioned by the hands of the Arakh’eyl. These goblins formed kingdoms of their own, but they were cruel and foolish to one another, and they squandered their might on subduing orcfolk and other, lesser creatures. They wasted themselves in nonsensical wars and strove with man and elf, and did not grow but rather diminished and diminished until they were ground down into the petty near-beasts of today. Alone amongst the West there stands a Goblin who seeks to recapture that old glory, Overking Thymrik, who amongst those small and squabbling kings sees a land where the goblin might rule free.

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The Goblinkin

The Arakh’eyl fashioned one people, but our seed was spread far and wide. The orcs tell insane and foolish stories about how they were made from the blood of Arakh’eyl, or how the bloodthirsty Ashad threw off the shackles of some oppression. The truth is, all of the goblin children were born of Toynash himself. Toynash, like the other Arakh’eyl, claimed no heritage with the gods of men or elves of dwarves. Toynash was the son of Ugol the Potter, Lord of the Mud and Stone in the days before elves or dwarves even roamed the world.

We are Toynash’s sons and daughters, making us the grandchildren of Ugol: the Golbai are we, from whence men may say GOBLIN. Toynash’s youngest and most impetuous children are called the Ugoloc which is ORCS.

While men may look at our kindred and say “There walks a goblin, there a hobgoblin, and there a bugbear,” such a view is nonsense. We are goblins all, though of different branches we grow from the same root. The smallest of our kind, the Western Goblins, were lowlanders, smiths, plainsdwellers. The Hobgoblins as they are called were tunnel dwellers, cave raiders, and lizard-riders. The Bugbear were hill-dwellers, march-watchers, and armored captains. Any one of our race might breed with any of these “peoples,” though we generally prefer to take wives or husbands from within our own.

Orcs, too, are goblinstock. They were bred for serving, for labor, and for war. They once made up the great armies of Tsaphon and Negev with Hobgoblin knights and Bugbear commanders to guide them. Now, they are a rampant race that has tunneled into the very root of the world so that they may raid its surface and pretend they are something they are not.

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The Western Kingdoms

In the land that men call the Emberlands and the lands now known as Opria and Golnia there were two great Goblin Kingdoms of the Pillar Age when Miles first came to power. They rose after the fall of Galos and the goblin-aided destruction of the Troll kingdom of Sayyana where the Grand Priest of the Night resided. The northerly kingdom was called Tsaphon and the southerly kingdom was known as Negev. Tsaphon and the Gigantine land of Umbrinol were at war for many years, and the Mileans also despised the goblin kingdoms for reasons that I do not comprehend.

For nearly three ages Tsaphon and Negev were the greatest kingdoms of all the goblinkin in the west. The overkings of Tsaphon by turns were at peace with the Great Lords of Negev and at turns at war. But always did the elves of the Greatwood and the men of Miles seek to end the days of their power. The land of Tsaphon was cobbled together from many small kingships, and an overking governed from a position of strength at the capital of Tsaran. In Negev there were three great lords who governed at council for many long years, though in its later incarnations the land of Negev found it necessary to be united beneath a single potent ruler.

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On Goblinkind

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