Oakbarton Inn

Inn Owner: Harold Eikly

From Oakbarton square, the inn looks like a little wattle and daub building with a sad thatch roof. Once inside, however, it becomes clear that the visible building is something like a coat room: a large foyer with a packed earth floor and pegs to hang cloaks and belts upon, it has no back wall. Instead it joins seamlessly with a chamber beneath Oak Hill which has been fitted as a taproom. It’s quite capacious inside, and boasts a fireplace, huge barrels of cider, and a floor of cobbled tile.

The Oakbarton Inn can hold some one hundred guests in rooms beneath the hill, and a further twenty in the small cabins that ring the hill’s crown. Prices are reasonable for this part of the Lamp Country.


Common Room – 2sc.
Private Room – 6sc.
View of the Wood – 1t.
Cabin (holds six) – 1ƒ.


4sc. – Bartlett Apple Cider
2sc. – Bartlett Pear Cider
8sc. – Rhûnish Wine
1t. – Meirenian Sweet Wine
1t. 3sc. – Mulled Sweetwine
1sc. – Local Brown Ale
3sc. – Eikly Honey-mead
7sc. – Top of the Oak Melomel

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Oakbarton Inn

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