Northmount Abbey

Northmount Abbey Wall-walk

Size: ~2,500 Government: The Abbot and Council Local Militia: 45 beholden to the Abbey

General Information. Located along the Ruin River, Northmount is both a town and an abbey. The Abbey proper is located on top of a hill, under which the Ruin runs. The hill is mined through with caverns and tunnels, many of which are flooded or flood when heavy rains come and the river rises. The Abbey was run by Carloman Jaric, the chief cleric of Haeron, until very recently.

Constructed in X132, the Abbey has been the spiritual center of the Vales since the day it was first transformed from a makeshift temple to Haeron into a stone structure. In X406 the elves of Iiriem presented the Hierian priests with a gift in exchange for their assistance in driving out the kobolds of Ferling during the Great Kobold War; this gift was a golden hammer encrusted with gems. Since that day the golden hammer of Northmount has been a boon to the whole region – drawing pilgrims and therefore merchants, and keeping Northmount rich.

The town of Northmount is a pilgrim’s town, specializing in catering to those coming to visit the many clerics who serve the Abbey. The abbey itself has collected a members of almost every accepted faith in the whole region and has since been transformed into a fortified structure (to which Vale folk have come in times of trouble). The fortress aspect of the Abbey has been less important since the arrival of the Sword Militant to the Vales in X443, but it is maintained by the clerics nonetheless.

Northmount town is larger than most of the others in the region, and a great deal of trade from all over the Vales can be found there. Merchants from Seagard and even Thyrnesse sometimes make their way to Northmount for the purchasing of cheap Valish goods in exchange for amenities from the ports (including silks and gemstones from Mughar and spices from Harash). Indeed, the town is large enough to get lost in.

The river north of the Abbey-mount is studded with docks, for many small trading ships come down the Ruin from Teral; the distant fortress-city of Arx Eidonus in eastern Teral has a lively merchant population that make a living exporting goods up the river (from there they go overland to the Old River where they can be sold at Arx Thalus or even further upstream in Agstowe).

Amenities. While most towns of the Vales have at most two inns or public houses and at fewest none, Northmount has no less than four inns and three taverns to accommodate pilgrims. Of course the Brotherhood of Heimir maintains a Sign of the Frothing Mug in town, but in addition there is the Northmount Hostlery, the Bent Shield, and the Hornéd Lantern.

The Hostelry (on the market street) is a dirty courtyard surrounded by dingy stalls in which guests are invited to sleep atop filthy hay. The Bent Shield is located next to Elaine Maeron’s Starhaven on the Pilgrim’s Way, sunken into the ground on that small street. Lastly, the Hornéd Lantern is on the High Street near the Abby and is a favorite of pilgrims.

As far as taverns go, the town also (in addition to that run by the Brotherhood) hosts the Stumbling Jester and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

There is also the Starhaven, the library of Elaine Maeron, a minor wizard of the Vales. The Starhaven is set back from the road on Pilgrim’s Way, a huge marble dome protected from the street by a high hedge wall and an iron gate.

Other places of interest include Dormon Halfhand’s fine armor-shop. The halfling Dormon is known for having made the armor of all the local Abbey-soldiers and has hinted that he could make more fabulous armor still had he the help of a mage or a cleric and some exotic materials.

Clergy of the Abbey.

Haeron – Abbess Alara Field. Formerly Carloman Jaric, dead in X501.

Eleia – Sarmon Hart

Raya – Castor Fane — Abbot

Tallial – Vasq. (Callnon :: dead)

Avauna – Lymora Linnel

Galos – Lurimora of Iiriem (Havariën of Iriem :: dead)

Fortuna – Lilly Vale

Vodei – Forra Blackwater (Liske Blackwater :: dead)

Dinismayl – Vargulf Fennick (Maloer Faunus :: dead)

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Northmount Abbey

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