Town Population: 2,900 Government: Castellan Aldous Lorenne Defenses: Lonely Watch, Northgate Knights

The town of Northgate is the second largest human settlement in the Lonely Lands. It competes with the town of Lanard’s Watch for the most important market town as well as administrative center of the region. Northgate castle is an extremely large complex, built to protect the former Peppinid capital at Lanard’s Watch and serve as a launching point against Teral. Almost every single person who lives within the town of Northgate is a dependent of the castle, and the Castellan himself has the influence of a baron or a count though he is technically meant to be appointed by the Watch-Master at Lanard’s Watch.

The town proper sits outside the huge towering fortress but within a second curtain wall. Entrance and exit is strictly controlled by the knighthood of Northgate, which can support twenty five knights on the attendant lands outside the town and a further fifty within the castle itself. The town is circular and plan-built over an older Peppinid town which was razed during the chaos at the end of the Kingdom of Avarine. It has no sewers or aqueducts as it does not date back to the time of the Second Empire and the stonework of the castle and walls is not the same impressive ancient imperial style as that of Bataille or Miles.

However, Northgate is exceptionally powerful and defensible; The town is inhabited not only by men, but by several families of the scattered Tu∂orinn clan of dwarves, many of whom work as masons or smiths at the castle. There is also a small wood elvish community that lives outside of town, perambulating through the countryside from sacred grove to sacred grove. These elves have been courted by the castellans of Northgate since time out of mind and the temple of Eminea which has high prominence in the town center was most likely raised as part of the terms of a treaty and alliance with them.

The current Castellan, Aldous Lorenne, was granted command of the castle by its previous Castellan, Guilliame Longwatch, on his death bed. This grant passed by the official channels, and Lorenne assumed command against the wishes of the now dead Watch Commander Amandine Lunly.

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