“The mines of Norano ring out across Dorlan with their peals and strikings. From the distance of Greatport I am woken in the morning by the Irondeep bells sending their men to work!”

—Reynarius di Llun, exaggerating

The people of Norano are generally hard-working and industrious. The towns of Stonedeep and Irondeep have a moderate dwarven population, generally mine workers. One of the original territories of Dorlinum, the Noranese countryside is filled with towers, villas, and small estates of minor wizards. Noranese are fond of boasting that the markets in Eleno have the finest metalworkers and stonecrafters on the Cloud Sea.

The major towns of Norano are:

Aeraria, a copper-mining town.

Clivosus, a small city dedicated to exploiting the minerals in the Clivosian range.

Eleno, where the Magister Avus of Norano resides and location of the famed marble and metal markets of Norano.

Irondeep, one of the oldest iron mines in Dorlan.

Stonedeep, a town supported by the many quarry-sites in the countryside and the mines in the mountains.

Verdena, a retreat for wealthy mages and aristocrats in the Noranese hills.

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